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Mission Statement:



The mission of the Midwest Martial Arts Federation is to promote high quality, safe, motivating MA competitions. Starting from the Midwest and spreading nationwide. By starting the MWMAF, it is a chance to show off the best martial artist the Midwest has to offer.



Our Story
The Midwest Martial Arts Federation (MWMAF) is a new national tournament circuit that is being developed in  Illinois. The goal of this tournament circuit is to give martial artist of all styles in the Midwest a tournament circuit to follow that is closer to home. We urge all martial arts teachers to join the federation and voice their ideas and opinions on how to promote MA in the Midwest. It is time for us as instructors to stop complaining about problems and politics in the martial arts competition communities and start to make a change. Becoming an MWMAF counsel member is a chance to have a say in how competitions are run, help form rules and regulations, host competitions, and promote the awareness of all styles of martial arts in the Midwest.



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