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Previous Events
5th Annual
Martial Arts Warriors

October 14th, 2017


The Warriors Championships were the first competition in the start of the Midwest Martial Arts Federation back in 2011 when the MWMAF was the Midwest Wushu Federation (MWWF). So it was the perfect event to kick off our new promotion and change to the federation.

Vermilion Valley Open

January 27th

The MWMAF'd season opener. It was a great event to introduce the new divisions of our tournament circuit. As well as introduce new schools and competitors to the federation.

Midwest Martial Arts

March 17th

Hosted by Sifu Eddy Parker the MMAC was dedicated to Grandmaster Ed Parker who hosted the 1964
Long Beach International Karate Championship. It was both their first time hosting a martial arts competition.

WAMA Spring Open

April 28th
​Hosted by Sensei Joe Walker, this competition was not an MWMAF competition but FCM can receive points to go towards their overall ranking in the federation.

Central Illinois Classic

May 12th
The fourth competition in the MWMA circuit. May 12th at the Mattoon YMCA Karate USA will be hosted a Great event. Even more martial artists from the Midwest came to show their support of our growing federation.

Chicago land Open
Martial Arts Championship

June 16th

Welcome Chitown competitors you showed off your skill and let everyone know that Chicago is still a great place for martial arts competitions.

Central Illinois Martial Artists Invitational

July 14th

A great event hosted by Dragon Claw Academy. One of the largest competitions of the season. Go Champaign/Urbana!!!​

Events Coming Your Way!
Southern Fists
Northern Legs
Wushu Open

August 18th

6th Annual
Martial Arts Warriors
Grand Championships

October 6th

Warriors Banquet

December 8th

I think the MWMAF runs a very enjoyable competition. It s professional and fun with great people and skilled competitors. However there is always room for improvement. I can tell the men and women running these competitions care about the experience the competitors have and they care about the traditional martial arts. There was respect given to every martial art style and tradition which I find very important. Aside from a couple small things to potentially improve on, I do really enjoy the competitions.
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