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Join the Midwest Martial Arts Federation:

There are five categories of membership

Point System:

Competitor Members: 

One of the major benefits of joining the  MWMAF as a competitor member FCM is the recording and tallying of points throughout the competition year. Competitor members accrue points from each award received at every event attended. These points are tallied and forms the ranking of each member in the federation. At the end of the competition year the competitors with the most points accrued receive awards and prizes. Whether a competitor competes in an invitational or championship, points are the same. Each award and its’ points are as follows.

  • 1st place - 15 points

  • 2nd place - 10 points

  • 3rd place - 5 points

  • Grand Champion - 20 points  All 1st place winners from each division compete to win Grand Champion either in  empty hand or weapons (Adult men also have a SanDa GC). If competitor wins 1st  in empty hand and in weapons they must choose which grand champion they  would like to  compete for. 

  • Ultimate Warrior - 30 points  This division is only open to Intermediate level and above. Competitor must  compete in empty hand, short weapons, and long weapons. Highest total points  wins Ultimate Warrior. (Championship events only)    

Grand Champion and Ultimate Warrior points are in addition to 1st place points. Competitors that compete in team forms also receive 15,10, or 5 points according to there teams placing.

Federation School Members: 

  • School’s that register as FSM also receive points throughout the competition season in order to receive awards and recognition at the end season banquet. 10 points for each federation competitor member and 5 points for non members.

  • Most Competitive School  School with most competitors. (FCM and non FCM)

  • Warrior’s Spirit Academy  School who has highest number of  competitive points (FCM points only)

  • Golden Dragon Award  School with highest number of gold, grand champion, and ultimate warrior points.  (FCM points only)

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