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Championship Hosts                                              Registration Fee $150


Championships are the  largest events in the MWMA circuit year. These members are allowed to host one championship in the calendar year.  Hosting more than one championship in a calendar year must be approved by the federation.       



  • Championship Hosts must be school owners and have at least 5 students that compete in at least 2 invitational's per circuit year. (If CH doesn’t make the 5 student minimum then they must make up the fee difference of base 5 competitors registration fee to the invitational host NOT MWMA!!! 

  • $10 per competitor goes to the federation as part of dues for promotion and paperwork given to host for the event. Such as registration forms, flyers, and help with competition setup.

  • Must buy all prizes & awards (medals, plaques, trophies etc.) from the federation.

  • Due to the unknown price of venue and insurance to the host, there is not a price cap on what the host may charge for the base registration fee to compete in his/her competition. Although, base fees exceeding $100 must be approved by the  federation.

  • Must have at least 2 members of there school certified as MWMA judges


  • All members will receive a certificate and id card from the federation acknowledging their position is within good standing with the federation.

  • Automatically enrolled as a Federation School Member, and receive all FSM benefits

  • Will receive competition promotion on the MWMA website and all media accounts governed by the federation.

  • Allowed to have one seat on the counsel to help come up with and delegate rules and standards within the federation.

  • Will be allotted ONE letter of recommendation signed by the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the  federation to aid in bringing instructors, and or performers to their schools or events. After one letter is given to a school owner any other request must be brought up with the federation board.

  • Championship Host members will be given the right to vote on any and all judgments presented for consideration by the federation.

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