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Invitational Hosts                                                                                                                                    Registration Fee $100

These members are authorized to host the invitational's that are held under the federations banner. Members are only allowed to host one invitational per calendar year sanctioned by the MWMA (non-federation comps are of no concern to the federation.) Invitational's can be exclusively one style of  martial arts or open competitions, the decision is up to the host.   



  • Invitational hosts must be martial arts school owners and have students compete in at least one invitational other than there own.

  • Must buy all prizes & awards (medals, plaques, and trophies) from the federation.

  • The price cap on all invitational’s is $50 this includes all divisions.

  • Must have at least one member of there school certified as an MWMA judge.


  • All invitational hosts will receive competition promotion on the MWMA website and all media accounts governed by the federation. 

  • Members are allowed to have one seat on the counsel to help come up with and delegate rules and standards within the federation.

  • Will be allotted ONE letter of recommendation signed by the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the federation to aide in bringing instructors, and or performers to their schools or events. After one letter is given to a school owner any other request must be brought up with the federation board.

  • Will be given the right to vote on any and all judgments presented for consideration by the federation. Instructors will be contacted and informed of matters presented and given a chance to vote on them.   

  • All members will receive a certificate and id card from the federation acknowledging their position is within good standing with the federation.

  • Will automatically be enrolled as an FSM and receive all benefits of one.

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